Below you will find a list of contacts for the clubs Executive Committee and Football Committee.

Executive Committee

President: Michelle Shultz - ph. 0410 547 441

Senior Vice President: John Bills - ph. 0410 970 678

Junior Vice President: Jason Shultz - ph. 0424 436 956

Secretary: Kirstin Reardon - ph. 0476 252 052

Treasurer: Denise Bills - ph. 0405 518 015


Football Committee

Directors of Coaching:
Mini Roos U8-U11: Jason Shultz - ph.0424 436 956
Comp Age U12-U18: Jason Shultz - ph.0424 436 956



Group Coordinators:
Senior Men's Coordinator U18+: Kirstin Reardon - ph. 0476 252 052
Senior Women's Coordinator U18+: Brookelyn Cooper - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Operations Committee

Registrar: Denise Bills

Competition Secretary: John Bills

Media Officer: Chris Lund

Social / Events Officer: Deb Frugtniet

Gear Steward (Equipment): Chris Deery

Referees Coordinator: John Bills

Canteen Manager: Denise Bills

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