In 2019, Football Queensland has issued several rule changes for this season. You will find details of these changes in the below images, as well as Football Gold Coast's Under 12's Specific Finals Format for this season. NOTE!!!! THIS FINALS FORMAT ONLY APPLIES TO UNDER 12s. All other finals series will be played using the usual format.

Under 12 rule changes 2019 page 1

Under 12 rule changes 2019 page 2

Under 12 Finals format 2019

A little bit of housekeeping on behalf of Football Gold Coast everyone! Please make sure you are complying with these instructions and avoiding unnecessary fines!!!

Team sheet regulations/requirements

Important information for ALL coaches, managers and spectators! Last season, Football Gold Coast implemented the Enough is Enough campaign, designed to remove abusive and disrespectful behaviour towards Match Officials, other players and spectators from our great game. Updated guidelines have been provided for Season 2019, and we would like you to please read these, be aware of them, and most of all, ADHERE to them. Remember, this game is about enjoyment, coming together of community and sharing a mutual passion. There is NO room for any abuse of any nature.

enough is enough guidelines

It was passed by all members at last meeting that if a team does not have a representative attend our General meeting that is held on the first Monday of every month at 7pm that the team would have a fine of $10. This may sound extreme however we have tried all avenues to see full attendance and no avail. 
Representative can be a coach, manager or parent. 
See you all Tonight at 7pm. Will only run for about an hour.

Hi everyone. Just a note to let you all know that our Monthly Club Meeting will be held this coming Monday, 1st April at 7pm at the clubhouse. These meetings are held on the first Monday of every month and will be advertised here and on our Facebook page. This is your time to be heard and have your say on the running of the club, events etc and as such we ask that each team try their best to have a representative present at each meeting. Thanks everyone, see you Monday!

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